E1 mkI v3.5 crashing when switching presets / loading presets

Probably its because of a very memory hungry preset I’m working on, but if I switch between this one and other presets, the E1 freezes very often. Not always, but the odds are pretty high.

output from the console is:

8004 loadLua debug output:
8008 ---- START ----
8025 lua: devPort : 0
8025 lua: Channel: 1
8025 loadLuaModule: Lua extension file initialized: file=ctrlv2/p001.lua
8025 ----- END -----

memory should not be an issue on mk2. Please share info about what preset is causing that (the original preset and the new one to be loaded). I will look at that.

thank you for looking into it!!

It’s an mk1. The presets are “Roland SDE 330 v0.9” and “OB-Matrix 1000/6 w/ save”

Made some tests and it happens reproducable when the Matrix 1000 preset is not receiving response from the device (the matrix 1000 is not connected or off)

oh, ok. I though you had mk2 :wink: I will take a look at that.

Thinking about an upgrade, but I’m still very happy. :wink:

both presets were on the edge of what mk1 can handle. I have adjusted the preset loader (in the firmware to maximaze available memory when presets are switched).

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