EDIT DEVICE -Mapping error

A bug has crept in with the new OS version. I’m in the editor in the Edit Device section, setting up Patch download. I go into JSON, and paste in a large block of assignments, then I have to exit the editor and then go back in to get it to recognize the pasted-in block. (That’s not the problem.) When I go back in, the pasted JSON code is there and it looks exactly like the manually edited parameters. Then I step back to the Mappings page and none of the bitWidths are mapped correctly. All of the pasted assignments are like the one below:

Byte position 17 (this is the correct byte)
Bits 0…NaN (the byteBitPosition is fine, but the bitWidth gets messed up)

The JSON text is exactly like it’s supposed to be, but it’s interpretation doesn’t work correctly until I manually go in and set the bits in the editor. This used to work just fine under version 3.5.4 but not anymore.

I need this one fixed because I really don’t want to have to enter 860 parameters individually when I could enter them in a few seconds by simply pasting them in. Thanks.

OK, I figured it out. It changed from bitwidth to bitWidth in the code. Capitalization of ‘W’. I’m probably the only person this affected though. It’s working now, just like before.