Editor locks up on assigning byte 256 -Patch Parsing

I’m adding in parameters into the patch parsing one at a time, I’m up to byte 256 out of 603. When I send the code to the E1 the loading ellipsis rotates forever and never stops. Byte 255 works, byte 256 doesn’t. At 255 I can upload to the E1 just fine, then I can test the loading by loading the preset off the Yamaha FS1R to the E1, which works just fine. When I add one more parameter onto the loading JSON code for the next byte, it goes into the editor just fine, but it won’t upload to the Electra One. I noticed that the E1 doesn’t flash the USB device labels either when I try to upload to the E1 on byte 256.

Is there some kind of limit at 256 bytes? When I put the editor in Learn mode it loads 619 bytes down from the Yamaha FS1R. It can’t upload the code for more than 255?

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OK, I tested a way around the problem, I saved the preset (with all 606 bytes read in) to my computer, then I renamed it p000.epr and copied it manually to the E1. It works, it now downloads all 603 parameters from the synth, I watched the highest byte’s value update the matching Control when I pressed the download-patch button.
The problem is in the up-loader routine, it limits the preset to only 255 bytes.

I restored the preset to only downloading 255 bytes again on the database so it’s functional online so you can debug the other problem, the pages.display() one.

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