Preset web editor mapping not displaying response anymore

Hi there,

For some time now, I have my preset web editor not showing the response properly anymore.

I made multiple tests to find a solution (creating some new presets, trying on some other presets from other people that I know that are working, etc.). I can still do the mapping via the JSON, but it’s way more tedious…

Here’s the behaviour for the latest test I made with a new preset:

Request/Response settings:

The corresponding JSON:

Captured message:

Sysex request and response:

I have no idea why there are only two bytes showing up after the header with the end of the sysex (F7H) appearing already in byte 2 when the captured response is actually 32 bytes long. Note that the first sysex start byte (F0h) also appears twice??!..

Or am I doing something wrong ?

Many thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

You are not supposed to put the start and end bytes yourself in the request nor in the response.
Take away bytes F0h and F7h and try again.

Hi NewIgnis,

First a big thank you for your insights and all the help you’re offering to newbies like me.

Among other precious sources of information I read your Adding patch parsing to a preset. Step by step thread which was very valuable for getting started. However I guess I read it a bit too fast… :smiley:

I fixed it and it works obviously, and I don’t understand how I got it to work in the first place.

But I’m still having a problem with the preset web editor response display.

On another preset I’m currently working on (Cheetah MS6), I get the response displayed only with zeros, which doesn’t correspond to the sysex response I’m getting back.

For example:

Whereas the sysex request/response are the following:

It always stays all filled with zeros even when i change patches on my MS6 and trig another request, but the changes in the bits between the different requests/responses are still being marked in green. Very strange… What have I done wrong this time ? :smiley:

Again, many thanks for the help !

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Very good of you to provide screenshots, that helps to help :slight_smile:

By the looks of it, the response header you ask the electra one to look out for is different from the one the MS6 is sending you.
E1 expects 36,02,00,08,01
Cheetah is sending 36,02,00,08,00

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I assume you have the Maad Firmware on the MS6? Care to share its sysEx manual?
If it is the buffer memory of a tone you want to read , I suggest you use the response header 36 02 00 08 00 01

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NewIgnis, you’re amazing ! But now I feel really bad for not having detected the error by myself…

Lesson learned I hope: always quadruple check my work before searching for bugs…

I don’t really like to publish non finalised work, but as I might ask for some help in the future, because of the weird sysex responses I get, here’s the preset:

Thank you again and I which you a pleasant week !