Firmware 1.1.5

A bugfix release based on the feedback from all of you. I recommend updating.

Thanks go to @four_corners, @jigdagod, @dr_funk, @thetechnobear, @duster. And a very special thank you to @BigPoppaRobb who invested substantial amount of his time to help me fix the Windows 7 problem.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page.

I had to touch the low-level USB functionality. Even though it was tested, I was not able to test it on all types of operating systems and their versions. If you noticed anything strange, please let me know.


  • Allow long names for groups. The limit is 40 characters now. If the group graphics is too narrow, the group name gets truncated. The group names were limited to 15 characters so far.
  • Prevent overlapping names on the Page and Preset selection screens.
  • Fix MidiLearn issue connected to SysEx messages. The captutred data was not always correct.
  • Make it possible to use MidiLearn even if there is no preset loaded in Electra
  • Trigger actions on releasing the hardware buttons rather than pressing them. This is to allow use of button combinations and combos in near future.
  • Fix Windows 7 USB driver issues

FYI I had one hard crash of the Elektra (v1.1.5) this week and needed to unplug. It was while using “my” mks80 preset and using the touch screen. Might be something sysex related or the currently not really supported json snippets for system common

I was discussing this with Tomas earlier today. Be very careful with importing presets with controls not-supported-yet by the editor to the editor. We work on it, but right now, it can produce unexpected results.

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Even if i never had problem, yes. I still should update it, yes?

yup, please do. Each update improves stability and the features set of Electra.

Is it possible to add the Download and Forum page on the App main page where it says My Presets, Preset Library, Documentation, Log Out? Or Make a resources and put documentation, downloads, and forum there? I tend to have that open the most and always have to search more to get to the forum or download pages.


That makes total sense! :blush:

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Good point! @Tomas will do something about that.

Really thank you for Electra One and your work!!!

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