Electra Freezing

Hi there. I am experiencing freezing on mk2. I have no daw connected, mainly connected to and playing analog rytm and octatrack but others too. I am sequencing from Torso T 1 but it isn’t put through the electra, it is connected afterwards. It happens fairly regularly and completely freezes until I unplug, whilst modulating during live play for no apparent reason. I used the press and hold for larger envelope graphics and that started to much things up, not sure if it has anything to do with it. When I went back to the smaller graphics they didn’t work properly. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

Hi there, there is an issue with window that displays large version of envelope. When the window is closed, it does hurt the parameters that were linked to it (attack, decay, …). The problem has been reported earlier. I have the fix ready, it will be released soon.

For everybody: this problem is on both mk1 and mk2.

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Great, thank you very much :blush: