Device frozen: too many patch rules? [SOLVED]

I’ve seemed to have hit another limit. :cry: If I put in over 205 rules (I’m not sure of the exact number, but it’s close to that) in the patch responses node and I touch any control on the Electra, one message gets transmitted and the Electra freezes.

I’m certain this is not about a memory limit, as I erased half the pages in the preset and got the same result. I’m also fairly sure it’s not about bad JSON, because I tried different values…I was able to reproduce the problem any time I put between 200 - 250 nodes in.

Hi @urbanspaceman ,

please send me the preset that locks Electra up because of the rules. ideally the most full-blown version.


I’ve sent it to you. Let me know if this is a hard and fast limit…I have to decide if I have to split the synth controls into multiple presets.

No, not a hard limit yet. Check your PM. I am busy with it but the version send via PM should get you going.

I hope this one is resolved in 1.5