Electra One not connected etc

The page app.electra one shows “Electra One not connected. Connect your Electra One to this computer using provided USB cable.” I keep running up against the extreme limit of having only 3 Device ports anywhere: one on Electra, one on MacBook Pro, one on Keystep Pro. But if there’s a mioXL and Auracle in the mix, can the connection be made in any other way than using a USB cable?

Correction: MBP has of course no Device port…

When Electra is connected via MioXL I would the recommend following:

  1. Name the Electra ports in Auracle software (USB Host reservation), let’s call that Electra USB host port

  1. Create DAW port for Electra and route it to Electra USB host port

  1. Establish routing from Electra USB Host port to the Electra’s DAW port

  1. Pick the Electra’s DAW port names in app.electra.one

This way app.electra.one knows where your Electra is connected and may communicate with it. Please note, if you rename port names in Auracle and you would like to have it reflected on your system (computer), you need to:

  1. Save the changes in Auracle
  2. Switch MioXL off
  3. Run Audio Midi Setup
  4. Remove MioXL from the list of Midi devices
  5. Switch MioXL on

Martin, you wrote “When Electra is connected via MioXL”

How is your Electra “connected via mioXL”, does this mean a direct USB connection, from Electra Host port to mioXL Device port, or from Electra Device port to mioXL Host port, or both (!) and does what you wrote mean Electra is “connected via MioXL to the computer running app.electra.one”? The actual physical cables used plus the virtual connections established by clicking in Auracle is escaping me…

MioXL is connected to the computer running the app.electra.one and Electra’s USB device port is connected to MioXL USB host port.

It’s a beginning…

Pieces of the puzzle


Repeatedly I followed the step-by-step as I understood it, and now it works. What works is app.electra.one is finally connected again.

Elements in Auracle’s presentation of the configurations in mioXL are not completely transparent to me even yet - found myself needing to edit and re-edit names of connections until finally it worked. Here’s a couple views once it worked:

When writing in the names for DAW ports for Electra (your step 2) the names of HST 2, 3 and 4 in the Destinations side’s Device ports column changed automatically, but their “equivalents” (?) in the USB Hosted Device column did not change automatically. I finally took a chance and put those names in that column (e1 port 1 for HST 2, etc), and once I clicked the CTRL connections in accordance with your steps, and chose the “equivalents” in the app.electra.one manual configuration slots (still named HST 2, 3 and 4, even though I had changed the names in Auracle), suddenly app.electra.one was connected (in green) :slight_smile:

I don’t pretend to fully understand why this worked, though I’ve now gone through it several times and have a muscle-memory of what worked, including the reading of your message. The main take-home message is a meta-message and it is as I thought that one way or another it will work. Now to move on to the see one • do one • teach one practice often seen in hospital settings.

Thanks Martin, will document these things. mioXL is one complex of complexities, and some rules maybe need to be stumbled upon. Well, I assume you do understand what works and why, and maybe together we can understand to what extent iconnectivity’s documentation is somewhat wanting…

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They have a very helpful fb group, a forum and also there is a very helpful gearspace thread about the mioxl with lots of valuable info and tutorials

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Oh, a Kawai 5000R in the rack, do you have an Electra One preset for it, Martin?

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@shankar started working on K5000. The very basic preset is available - K5000R. It needs more doing though.

We discussed that with Shankar and it was obvious that some extra tweaks are required in the base firmware to fully support K5000. Some of them were done already while others are still on the todo list (like multistage envelopes, handling negative values in envelopes, etc). Once it is done both K5000 and K5 will become more accessible.

Thanks for the note, @martin. @Klangschmied, yes, I am still keen on completing the preset for K5000R (I own the rack module as well). I have taken a brief break from working on music stuff including Electra programming. I will be back on soon and will pick up the K5000R preset.