Squarp Pyramid+Electra One integration ideas?

Hi All,

I just received my Electra One mkII. I am still trying to make sense of where it will be situated in my setup.

Currently, the Squarp Pyramid is the brain of my whole rig and I use an older MOTU Midi Express XT to route everything. I have seen the Squarp mentioned in a thread on general setups and figured I would start a general one dedicated to Electra One users who also use Squarp sequencers.

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I have a very similar setup, with the Pyramid/E1/MotuXT combo, along with a bunch of other gear.

I also am curious on setups. Mine is still centered around the Pyramid being the main hub for most of my hardware synths, also naturally since I got the Pyramid much earlier than the E1. The E1 has been used more as a move around and hook up to a specific synth/module, as I am still carving out the space the E1 is best suited for in my studio.

I guess I could split the E1 outputs to various synths (I guess most handsomely with thru boxes) with their respective midi outputs merged back into the two input ports. I could do it with the XT alone, but due to its somewhat remote location I am leaning towards more thru/merge boxes that can be installed more locally with the synth in question. The XT is already merging clock signals from my Expert Sleepers midi system, with controller signals from various midi controllers (16n faderbanks, Tesseract sweet sixteen, big weighted keyboard, Elektron MCL system with MD/MnM, Octatrack etc)

Iā€™d love to have access to a synths E1 preset, while simultaneously sequencing it from the Pyramid.
I think it really makes sense to have more midi routing/merging possibilities directly in the E1, as the dev has hinted to future updates might hold in store.

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