Elektra 1 with Elektron Devices and OXI One

Hi there. I have routed my E1 with its midi out port 1 to the midi in of my Elektron devices ok and I am super happy. Now, I want to be able to connect on my Elektron Syntakt both the E1 as well as the Oxi One sequencer/arpeggiator. I have two questions I need help with since I do not yet understand well midi routing.

  1. Since E1 is able to do midi routing how exactly do I connect the three devices all together? Oxi One for arpeggiator, sequencing (transport, paterns, etc) and E1 for adjusting the various parameters of the Syntakt?

(I suspect this can be done by connecting the Oxi One to the USB Host input of E1). However, its not clear to me if the MIDI message from it will just flow from E1 to Syntakt or if I need to do something extra).

  1. How can I repeat the same but now have the E1, on top of Syntakt, be able to control another device, e.g. the Digitone? Would I need some midi interface for this?

Any help much appreciated!