Electra one HW 2.30 and 2.40 mkI -> mkII upgrade guide

Hi @sixwax, PM not received but I am taking note about your interest. I will get back to you (and all other people waiting) in early August.

Another successful upgrade here from MkI to MkII as well!!! Thanks to @Stubbe for the easy-to-follow guide, and to @martin and Zdenek for everything they do and for this amazing controller!!!


Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble fitting the mk2 PCB to the previous enclosure. The pins line up with the 8 and 40 pin connectors, but the 3D printed back plate will not sit flush with the enclosure without force. Pressing down with any pressure creates a creaking sound. Any help would be appreciated.

Video of problem


it looks like that something is obstructing the plastic part. Check that the area on the enclosure is clear:

Additionally, check that there is nothing obstructing the two slots, and ensure that the surface of the plastic part is clear:

The back panel can be detached from the mainboard PCB. You may want to consider detaching it and testing both parts individually. This may help you identify the source of the problem.

In any case, please feel free to contact me via chat for further assistance.

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Success! I’m up and running. Sending you a PM with details. Thanks Martin!


Ok. I had a couple of hiccups. I stripped a screw on the PC board. Finally got it off. Removing the board and replacing it with the new one was easy. Maybe too easy. I plugged the USB plug to my Mac and the screen just lights a dull blue grey. I ding see anything else. Does this sound symptomatic if anything specific besides just taking it apart and reseating it better?

The stripped screw I had to trash. It’s bottom right next to the USB. I suppose I need to get a screw and tighten that down.


I am sorry you are having troubles with upgrading. I’d suggest the following:

  1. remove the mkII PCB.
  2. check all three PCBs (mkII, mkI, and display board) to see if there are any metal chips (possibly made when trying to get the stripped screw out)
  3. put the original mkI board in place and try to power it on. You might want to use a USB charger rather than a computer at this point.
  4. if it boots up. Remove it and put the mkII board back in place. Make sure the new SD card is fully inserted in the slot on the board.
  5. try to power it again. If you get the blue screen, disconnect the USB cable. Press and hold the bottom-right button. Connect the USB cable while keeping the button pressed.

Let me know what is happening when you do the above steps. Thanks!

No luck. But I don’t see the NEW memory card. I haven’t seen one. I took the old one out but I thought the new memory card was on the new board. Maybe this is the problem? I’ve taken the PCB out and in again - the old one and it didn’t boot either. I don’t remember whether I put the card back in, but I’m pretty sure I did. I got a rainbow color of lines then nothing. I put the new card back and made certain it was seated well, that the pins weren’t bent and snug. No difference. I’m sorry but I don’t see the new card. I cam put in the old one again.

It works with the old card. I’m assuming I need another card that holds more memory?

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I am sorry for slower response. I was travelling whole day today. It is strange that the card was not in the slot. I guess, Zdenek has put it in before shipping the upgrade kit.

You can use the card from mk1 in mk2. Capacity is sufficient. It is important, however, to copy different files on the card (see the description down below). Another option is that we will send you a new preformatted SD card. You would have it early next week.

steps to prepare mk2 SD card:

  1. remove the card from the slot ono the E1 main board
  2. insert the card to a computer
  3. remove all files from the sd card
  4. download and extract files from sd.zip (1.9 MB)
  5. copy the contents of the sd folder to the sd card root folder.
  6. safely eject the card from the computer
  7. put it back to e1 main board

Just to make sure, you need to copy contents of the “sd” folder, not the “sd” folder itself. This is listing of files on sd card when files are copied correctly: