Oxi One via USB Host to Electra One

I have an Oxi One sequencer.

If I connect the Oxi’s USB port to E1 USB Host port and set Oxi One USB mode to ‘USB Device’ I would expect to be able to pass Oxi sequencing midi data through my E1 as per the manual ‘USB Host Input’. But when I do this it doesn’t work and I get crazy noises / midid messages flooding everywhere on my devices!

I’ve tried with stable E1 firmware and the latest 3.5 beta. Oxi firmware version is 3.9.3. E1 routing is the default.

Am I doing something wrong?

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hmm, that sounds like there is some loop formed. Do you get the same problem when you connect another USB device instead of OXI? And this reminds me I need to talk to Manuel, we had some plans with our “Ones” :slight_smile:

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No, my Keystep works fine in the above configuration.

So it looks like it’s more likely a problem with the Oxi. I can message Manuel or perhaps if you have an Oxi and are in contact with him you might like to try and replicate?

Looking forward to see what you come up with. The combination of the Oxi and E1 has so much potential. I’m very happy to have these two great devices, many thanks to you and Manuel for creating them!

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I just checked the Oxi One manual and if I understand correctly it looks like I need a USB isolator. Screenshot from Oxi manual:

I think that means I’d need a Male <> Female USB adapter cable as well.