External control with Finger Twister

I don’t have the E1 at the moment, so I can’t try it, that’s why I’m asking… I’d like to control all 36 parameters on the E1 display at the same time, not just the 12 selected. I have a dj techtools midi fighter twister. can it be solved that when I switch to another page in the E1 preset, the Electra One sends a midi cc message to the midi finger Twister so that it also changes “bank”? I would connect the finger twister to the usb host port of the E1

I don’t have a Twister, but I think it’s a great idea.
What you would need is a callback function that can be invoked when you change pages on the E1. But that function does not seem to exist.
So, you , as a user should invoke the sync between both devices in a different way. There are two ways I can think of: add page change pads/buttons to the E1 screen, for instance on the lowest 2 left and two right controls, using virtual pads with page logic behind it. You would lose 4 controls per page for other purposes, but you would gain a navigation method, ànd the ability to trigger a message to the Twister, so it changes bank.
The other way is that you change bank on the Twister, and the electra one intercepts that midi message. There are callback functions on the E1 for MIDI, so you could make the E1 follow the Twister and change pages accordingly.

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I don’t want to use separate pads for this, so I’d rather change t the first 4 pages with the finger Twisterer buttons, but later it would be a very useful function to be able to send a cc/pc/note message when changing the E1 pages /Presets

Is there an example that shows how to send MIDI from a button on the E1 screen to a device connected to the MIDI Host port on the E1? From what I can tell, when you create a button on an E1 page, the MIDI Host / control ports don’t show up as options. It looks to me like you can only send MIDI to the other 2 MIDI ports. Perhaps there’s a way to do with with Lua?

I know the MIDI Fighter Twister will change virtual “pages” when send certain CC values on Channel 4, so if there’s a way to configure an E1 button to send to the control port, this solution would work.

For anyone considering getting a MIDI Fighter Twister for this purpose, my understanding is the Twister is limited to 7bit MIDI. The firmware has not been updated in several years so I would not expect support for 14bit MIDI to appear any time soon. This limits its usefulness in conjunction with the E1. The Twister is a nice piece of hardware, but unfortunately suffers from poor support and firmware, in my opinion. Intech provides MIDI controllers that pair well with the E1, in that they can be configured to send various types of MIDI messages including 14bit CCs. The EN16 is the closest Intech controller to the Twister as it has 16 endless rotary encoders. It doesn’t have the ring of LEDs that you find on the Twister, but the EN16 encoders can be configured to send different values when pushed like a button, and can also send different values when pushed and rotated at the same time.

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the en16…, are there pages/banks for the 16 encoder?

the best would be for such external control, if the midi cc message of the midi device plugged into the usb host could not be assigned to a specific “controller”, if to the "position on the screen…, i.e. e.g. en16 first encoder, it would always control the parameter in the upper left corner of the E1 display, so there would be no need to “change pages/tabs” on the external control,

Yes, the EN16 has 4 “pages” that can be configured. Within each page, each encoder is programmable so it is extremely flexible.

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Thank You for the Info.
I’m Hungarian, like intech, I think I’ll buy 2 pieces of en16, it will be a good enough addition to control the “other” parameters

I bought the Intech EN 16 controller. Programming is quite complicated for the first attempt, but fortunately the guys are also Hungarian like me, so I get great support. I don’t have the E1 at the moment, the display is being replaced (there was a small error with it, I wrote about it here on the forum), but I have an important question. EN16 “forgets” the value set for encoders and buttons after switching pages. If e.g. I set values ​​for the controllers on the first page of E1 with the EN16 encoders and for pads ( toggle cc) with EN16 buttons,then I switch to the 2nd page, I do the same there (E2 page / EN16 page 2), then back to the first page …, the EN16 “sees and reads” the controller values ​​from E1? or all Encoder / button led on every page change is it “dark” ?( 0 cc value/ off)

no. there is an “bug” with pages 1, 2, 3, because en16 theoretically forgets the parameter changes, it almost "remained like that, the first page works “well”, say the makers.
Anyway, of course I noticed that pages 1, 2, 3 “work fine”, I talked about this with Support last night. which is a “mistake” that if the button function is also associated with a led animation, then when switched on, when switching to the given page again, the led animation does not start.

with the new fw it works perfectly. I also ordered the second En16. :slight_smile:

an m4l device was made last night and this morning, which converts the sysex messages sent to the control port into midi cc messages when selecting the 12 pages in the first preset of the first bank on the E1 display. realtime.

it works perfectly with the en16.
if I select a page (1-4) on the E1 display, the en16 also follows the E1 and switches pages. tonight/tomorrow the new version will be ready, which will be able to “handle” the sysex messages of all banks, all presets, and all page selections.