MIDI controlling the E1 itself

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I like the idea of connecting a USB MIDI controller to the E1 and using it to control the E1 itself.

For example, I could press keys on a Korg Nanokey to switch pages or presets on the E1.

Or how about just turning a knob on a Behringer X-Touch Mini to indirectly control one of the E1 knobs? That would make it possible to leverage the power/flexibility of the E1 on lesser/basic MIDI controllers that can typically only handle CC’s but not complex RPN/NRPN/sysex messages (eg. set an E1 knob to use complex sysex, but let an external MIDI controller adjust the E1 knob via a simple CC). Lol, controlling a MIDI controller with another MIDI controller!

I saw some mention of external MIDI controls in the docs, but don’t see anything like a MIDI implementation chart for the E1, so I’m not sure how to proceed.

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Aha! I stumbled across this in the Configuration page of the web editor:

It does some essential stuff, like changing pages and presets, but it’s somewhat limited.

I’m imagining assigning CC’s to one or more of the knobs, then I could pair the E1 with a cheap, bus powered USB controller with hardware controls that the E1 lacks, such as faders, buttons, mod wheel, x-y pad, etc.

E1 would take care of any complex MIDI handling (sysex etc) while the paired controller provides additional hardware controls that, in many cases, are preferable to using knobs or a touch screen (eg. volume faders etc).

That would take the E1 to the next level!

Edit: To be fair, E1 is already in a class of its own. Very impressed so far. Just thinking out loud.

Edit 2: Sorry, noob error - this should probably be in the Feature Requests section. By all means move if necessary.

Edit 3: Also found the MIDI implementation details:
SysEx implementation | Electra One Documentation


hey, I see we have shared interests :wink:
Did you try the “note X switch to next or previous page or preset” ? it’s not working here so I’m wondering if it’s jut me or if it’s a bug.

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Hi @nuipb,

I just tested that. I can see it works ok when the messages is sent to the CTRL port over the USB but not when it comes over the USB Host port. I will check in more detail later tonight.


Well I can’t make it work no matter what. Where is it that you select to send messages to the CTRL port or to the USB Host port ? I tried in the MY PRESET page/Configuration and “Electra CTRL” is selected for the input and output ports…