Control of the controller

I use 2 pieces of Intech Studio EN16 as "addition of the E1 (4x8 Poti), so I can simultaneously control all 36 “controllers” on the display of the E1.
I control the upper 12 “controllers” on the display of the E1 with the encoders of the E1, the rest with EN 16.
Currently, the solution is that the same midi cc is programmed for an EN16 encoder as for the E1 “controller” that “belongs to it”.
The EN16 is plugged into the USB Host, the USB Host is “forwarded” to Midi Out 2
This is how the thing works perfectly with one page. For this thing, I needed the m4l device, which converts the “page select” messages on the E1 control port into mid7 cc messages, so when I change pages on the E1, the EN16 "follows "the page change.
I would like an “other solution”, if possible.
Is it somehow possible to control the “controllers” in same position on the E1 display on each page with the same midi cc?
I understand that… I set midi cc1 to the upper left encoder EN16, and with this midi cc1 I control “the corresponding controller” on each page on the E1 display.
Another question…
When changing pages, is “data” on the E1 control port what is the color of the “controller” in “a certain position” oon the display?

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Hello !
I Tried to find a solution on this similar problem not so long ago .

Not with the E1 but with Streamdeck Trevliga midi plugin that could show midi value and would be used as router for a Midi Fighter Twister that could control The Streamdeck parameters (And indirectely an Ableton midi mapping).

Trevliga have scripting capacity to, that are really interesting .

Then for exemple :
-On Ableton i have a volume fader that midi mapped on Ch1 CC 1
-Then the Streamdeck have a “button” on a first page .We call it “B1” that shows and control the value of this CC1 .
-But With the “classic” Streamdeck we can send only the value 0-127 . Still it can monitor, receive, send value between 0-127 .

Then B1 can be controlled by the MFT with a CC23 ch3 (as an exemple to) .
Then The B1 streamdeck have 2 midi CC to manage .
it is used as a router .

-If the fadder on Ableton move , it sends CC1 data to Streamdeck , that forward this data to MFT on CC23 . The MFT is in sync with the B1 on Streamdeck and indirectly with the Fader on Ableton.

-If i move the knob of the MFT , it sends CC23 value to streamdeck that sends CC1 value to the volume fader of Ableton .

It is an elegant solution in the case of multiples pages .

In this example . Now we have 2 volume faders on ableton to control CC1 and CC2 :star_struck:
Now for an arbitrary reason , we have Fader 1 on Ableton controlled by B1 And Fader 2 on Ableton Controlled by B2 on the Streamdeck
-B1 and B2 are on 2 different pages on the Streamdeck . The page the button is on, is important.
B1 is on Page 1 and B2 is on Page 2 .

Now, if on the streamdeck we have the first midi “Button” (B1) monitor that can be controlled by an external controller with this CC23 , it allows us to use an unique external fader or knob from an external controller to manage multiple CC depending on the page we are on the streamdeck .

Fader one is mapped on CC1 and Fader 2 on CC2, ch1

We control then inderectly the Streamdeck that control the mapping of ableton live .
On page 1 we could have Button that is on position X1 , Y1 could control CC1 on Ableton and could be controlled byt the MFT with the CC23
On page 2 , then ,we could have another button that is on the same position could control CC2 on Ableton and also could be controlled by the MFT with the same CC23 … :tada:
We just realize then that we could control X (depending on the number of pages) parameters on the Streamdeck with only one knob on the MFT .

On the E1 it would be 12 parameters with one Knob on the MFT.

I would love to have something similar and already think it’s possible with Bome midi translator . But so mutch things to do ! And i think the E1 is a great solution for that ! (and i was thinking about how to program that on lua , if it’s possible ? contrary to the streamdeck the pages can be used as variable and each knob have individual id and each pad postion is a variable … then . perhaps… :wink: )
And the USB hub is perfect to do that to !

Finaly regarding the Streamdeck , after a long thread and more explanation Trevliga explain me that it could be done by “sacrificing” buttons on the Streamdeck . But still that the streamdeck was not supposed to do such routing stuff .

Hoping that my story/explanation is clear enough ? (not shure) . Is it what you were talking about @phonaak ?

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Hi, what I’m looking for and what would be great, is the ability to assign to a screen slot a fixed MIDI message, regardless of the preset or page shown.
The sender of the message should not need to be aware what it is being used for.

If the E1 could be made to listen to a specific port (usb guest, usb host or one of the DIN in) and be able to map the incoming MIDI message to the control contained at that moment in that slot, then this provides an easy means to add more physical knobs to an E1.

3 more things would help this:

  • if the sending device uses values 0-127, the E1 should interpolate or extrapolate this to fit the full scale of expacted values.
  • it would be great to have the following responsive options on the E1:
    A. Take over => immediately set the vaule corresponding the knob position
    B. Scale => adapt the range so the actual value of the knob is assumed to match the actual value of the control, and scale accordingly
    C. Pick up : only start responding if the actual value of the knob matches the actual control value
  • last but not least: reverse parsing: i.e. being able to request the E1 to send out the settings of all these knobs as Midi messages, so the external controller could match its settings upfront with the values of the E1.

… I love so mutch this forum and users … And alll this community !!! :star_struck: .


I wrote this several months ago, but then it was explained to me that it is a “lot of complicated programming” and could not be solved.

“… and what would be great, is the ability to assign to a screen slot a fixed MIDI message, regardless of the preset or page shown…”


it would also be very useful for me if the color of the currently displayed “controller” could also be “read” from the control port, then maybe it could be solved that if I change page on e1 and on the other page is different colored “controller” is in the same position, then en16 led would also change to that color.


If each control that you wanted to talk to has a format function that set a global variable with information about the control, then the midi.onCC() function could use that to determine what to do.

The format function can query the current page and slot and only set the globals if it is in the desired location on the desired page. That prevents hidden or out of place controls from also overwriting the global.

There are slot and control functions that can be leveraged if the Control ID is made available in a global.


Yes. Ideally, this should be independent from a preset. Like a global lua page where we could define things, common to all presets.

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