Firmware 2.1.3

The firmware 2.1.3 is available for the download.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .

This release extends the use of Lua functions in the SysEx templates, Patch requests, and Patch response parsers. Documentation is available at SysEx byte function. What does it mean? Users may now use Lua function in place of a constant SysEx byte. Such a function can calculate the byte value programatically. eg. All presets that used fixed MIDI channel in their SysEx messages (TX7. TX81z, ā€¦) may now use MIDI channel that comes out of the Device settings.

Changelog :

  • Allow use of Lua SysEx byte function in the SysEx templates, Patch requests, and Patch response parser.

@joris.roling you may want to try to use it in your Virus preset. Let me know if you need any assistance.


Always loving how easy to run those updates are!

Do you still plan (if iā€™m not mistaken) to put the editor inside the console for a full standalone experience? thanx

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I am currently busy with (I hope the last) bigger change in the base firmware and the midi controller application. Once I am done with that I will shift my focus on the standalone app.

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