Firmware 3.0.10

Firmware release 3.0.10 is available in

The main purpose of this release is to provide fix for the issue introduced in 3.0.5 - the controller crash during the page switching. The problem affected part of E1 users. Unfortunately, I was not able to detect that during the testing prior to releasing 3.0.5. I am sorry for the frustration it possibly caused.

I strongly suggest to update your unit it you have 3.0.5 installed on it.

The new way of switching pages will return back at some point, but I want to pay extra attention to it. For now, the it stays the same as described in the 3.0 documentation. The menu (right-bottom) button must be held pressed to switch pages.

The 3.0.10 brings other features and fixes as well:


  • Allow configuration of port and channel that will be used to accept External MIDI Control commands. (@perial - pls get in touch with me, if this works for you)
  • Add possiblity to keep preset values when switching presets. (@phonaak)
  • Add an option to restore last saved preset values when turning the controller on.
  • ACK/NACK file transfers (presets/lua/etc) after the file content is validated.
  • Remove limit on number of External MIDI Control entries. (@HaPe)


  • Revert recent changes of the page switching gesture. Quite some users had troubles with device freezes when they switched preset pages. More work on this will be done soon.
  • Handle MIDI message burst better. Needed for DAW integrations.
  • Fixed wrong forwarding of MIDI messages from USB Host to USB Device interface.

I still need to update documentation for the Controller configuration page. The priority of this release was to get a stable release out as soon as possible.


I can only see and download firmware 3.0 from 19 december 2022 on download page?

I have updated the downloads page. Thanks for reporting it!

Please note that firmware updates are now available directly in the application. You can either update the controller from there or download the firmware file:


Wow! Just managed to update from 3.0.5 to 3.0.10 and have to say that switching rows seems now go a lot faster and smoother via the left hand buttons… Felt way more sticky in the previous version. Thank you!

One thought though about the updating process: Not sure if possible, but last night I got stuck as I didn’t realize that I had to select the device to be able to update it in that box… Could it be preselected when only one device is connected?

Hej @martin, thanks for all your work on this again :slight_smile:

I have one wish: Can you (add an option to) leave the page select overlay open after pressing the right-bottom button till a page is chosen?
That would really help me to switch with one hand in two steps. At the moment I often touch some wrong buttons while trying to reach the right ones and the touch screen buttons starting from the left are often too far away. Also, on my Electra the capacitive buttons on the knobs don’t always respond, so touch would be bulletproof.

Greetings from Berlin,

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I second the thanks and the wish!

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I am sorry for being slow on responding lately. I am hoping my responses will improve soon.

Yes, it is definitely coming back. It was actually even released in 3.0.5. But the naive change I made at that time had consequences that I did not foresee. This will be done properly in 3.2, along with an option to customize button functions in general. There will be a new section for that in the controller config.


Great, thanks for the quick reply! I use the Electra mostly with playing some chords on the keyboard with the other hand so the bottleneck are the page switches while holding the sound.


I’ve been asking for this for a long time… :slight_smile:


Not only that I will make the page selection “sticky” but I will also think about how to integrate @moss’es idea of knob touch gestures deeper in E1. It is quite a powerful concept. I think one needs to develop kind of muscle memory for it but I can imagine it can quickly become a very fast way of navigating. I think that topic possible deserves its own thread… :wink:


@phonaak @studiobischof the sticky page selection is available on

Please check it out. I would love to have more people confirm it works fine. The last attempt to do this was quite a disaster :wink:

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thank You!
:pray: :ok_hand:
works fine

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Yay, works great here too :slight_smile:
Will report, if something hangs…