Firmware 1.4

The firmware 1.4 is available for download. Please update your controller to keep it compatible with the

This version is a collection of features and bug fixes that were discussed on the forum. The main aim was to make Electra more stable when handling presets.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • Add support for 32 devices, ie. 16 channels on each port. @Uija @Dymaxion
  • Add a configuration option to disable controlSet (active section) switching with a touch @Uija @Hanallred @andersskibsted
  • Make it possible to control pads with knobs (clockwise rotation turns on, counter-clockwise turns off)
  • Improve bidirectional communication - the TX7 preset, which is kind of a demo for that, should work just perfectly now
  • Make it possible to use the “value” placeholder in the Patch request messages @akira
  • Fix / Improve DX7 envelopes (levels and rates were swapped) @akira
  • Fix the issue of Electra freezing when switching between larger presets. @markus.schloesser @KaOsphere
  • Fix the issue of loading extremely large presets. @jigdagod
  • Fix the issue of Electra freezing when loading a preset if there is a solid stream of incoming MIDI data. @Uija
  • Fix the Roland checksum calculation @akira
  • Fix issue of momentary pads always sending On and Off values @akira

@martin Awesome! Thanks a ton!

Edit: Was not able to wait :wink:

Two questions:

  1. How can I add another 16 channels to an available preset? Download file, edit it and upload? I seem to be unable to find a way to add another entry in the editor.
  2. What do I need to to to configure the Tab-To-Select feature?
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A demo of inserting parameter value to the Patch request:

A demo of a preset with 32 channels:

A way to disable active control set switching with the touch:

For now, if you want to rename the banks do following:

  • Go to

  • Select “Config” radio button

  • Paste the contents of JSON file shown below.

  • The default is true (touch switches the sections) / false disables that.

  • Press the Upload button

       "version": 1,
       "uiFeatures": {
         "touchSwitchControlSets": false

We recently added the CONFIGURE option to the app:

it currently supports the router configuration only but new sections will be added relatively soon, ie. preset banks, external midi control, USB host assignments, and the UI features. When done, there will be no need to edit the raw config files.


They should be added to existing preset automatically. We noticed there it was a bit funky shortly after th release. It seems to work fine - can you confirm?

Described below. Pls note long touch still triggers the detail windows. This was meant to prevent accidental touch switches. let me know if it resolves your issue. Thx.

Works great! Thanks!!

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Well done ! 16 channels per midi port is great :+1:

When I don’t hold the right bottom button long enough before I press the left one (to turn it off) the device freezes.

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It happens here too.

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I did the firmware update and got an error message, then my machine shut down. Now it’s bricked. It may be that I have a bad unit, but just a warning to others.

I would like to correct this a little bit. The update may go wrong for number of reasons. But it is fairly easy to run the update again. Either by pressing the [UPDATE] button on the back panel or by following the instructions at Firmware recovery.

Due to the Electra’s internal design it is close to impossible to actually brick it.

Please feel safe to update to the version 1.4

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I am unable to replicate this one. Would you send me an output from ElectraOneConsole when that happens? Thanks.

Hi Martin,

I sent you the console log by email :wink:

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25647 Button::process: down: button=6
25647 ElectraApp::buildPageSelectionHint: build window request
25648 ElectraApp::displayHint: hint window shown
25962 Button::process: down: button=3
26142 Button::process: released: button=3
26143 ElectraApp::closeHint: closing hint window
26143 ElectraApp::closeHint: done

You need to press the left button before the SleepArmed message appears.

Finally had time to install this, but it just hangs with a white screen and the console message “Waiting for internal storage to initialize”. It responds to resets and I can reinstall the image, but I get the same thing.

Actually, no, boots fine when on the bomebox, but not when it’s on the PC. Also seems to have started only showing one USB midi device on the Bome, but I think that had started before I updated.

Lovely, thanks! :grin:

Seems to hang here too. A reset helped.

It has been fixed and confirmed to work (by @Uija) - the fix is included in the upcoming firmware release.

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Hi guys, congrats for this great update.
I was surprised to see there is now a bitmap graphic editor when in the “List Items” edition mode. Not sure at what point you introduced it but that’s fantastic !
2 issues for me though:

  1. when for example item 1 & 2 have a bitmap drawing and a written label and item 3 & 4 have only a written label the Electra display is stuck on drawing #2 when in position 3 or 4. It would be great if it could display the Label if no drawing. Or even better, a chack box where you would tick what you want to be displayed : Label or Drawing.
  2. it seems there are horizontally 48 vertical columns available in the bitmap drawing space however in Chrome I see only 47 vertical columns simultaneously and have to click on the lateral arrow to reach the 48th. Any chance one could see the 48 vertical columns in one glance ? (there is plenty of room for that)

I probably should put this in a ‘feature request’, but its a question too :slight_smile:

@martin , I know there is a plan to have the ability to save presets on the E1, which will be absolutely awesome.

but perhaps in the meantime, could we have a simple (menu item?) feature to send all parameter values NOW… regardless, of their current state (i.e. even if E1 thinks its send current values)

this is useful for things like VSTs or instruments which do not have bi-directional communication,
so we want to ‘sync’ the E1s panel view TO the VST/instrument.
(currently to do this, we have to twist every control which is a bit time consuming/error prone)

I guess presets will have to do this anyway - but I still think the ability to force a sync woudl be very useful.

btw: in a simiar vain, when we have presets… can we ensure
a) loading a preset sends all value - regardless of if its a change or not
b) a quick reload current preset… this would allow you to experiment with different settings, then quickly go back to your saved state (elektron have this for things like ‘reload part’ , and its super useful!)