Firmware 1.3.2

Firmware 1.3.2 is available for download. It is an optional update but I recommend updating your Electra as there is number of important bugfixes.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • Flash MIDI activity indicators when data is sent out (only incoming messages where indicated so far)
  • Fix issue of Patch request not updating values of the preset.
  • Fix issue of scrambled bitmaps.
  • Display bitmaps for lists with more than 16 items
  • Fix issue with switching to previous active value of envelopes. Decay was staying active.
  • Fix issue of fader labels being trimmed sometimes.

Thanks to @lobit, @urbanspaceman, @four_corners for reporting the issues.


Works great! Keep up the amazing work!

is power off still MENU + SEC 3 for > 3 seconds?
does not appear to be working for me… but can’t remember if it changed :slight_smile:

It is, and works for me. Though waking up not always

the sequence is to hold MENU > 3 secs and the click Section 3

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thanks, lol - I tried all sorts of combinations but couldnt find/remember it :slight_smile: