Giant slider resolution


Long press on a slider makes it bigger, loving this. When sliding on the touch screen i found the resolution very low , it appears to be steppy. I would expect the giant slider to have the same very good resolution than an knob. Is it something that could be better or a limitation of the touch screen.


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The resolution of the full-screen slider is rather high. Basically it is 10bits. I think if you hear the “steps” it could be caused by the scanning frequency. Of course if you use it with the 14bit CCs, the pots will always shine here as they provide true relative readings and take the speed of rotation in account.

I will review that.


Also, on an “option” slider, I can’t select the leftmost value.

oh sorry, @chapelierfou, I missed this one. Could you elaborate it a little bit more? I do not know what you exactly mean. Thanks!

No probs. I’m not in front of the E1 now, but it turned out that it happens only when the control is on some places only (I think on the left side), then the fader pops up at an unconvenient place. Or something like that… sorry for being so vague, I’ll check it out later.

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