Encoder resolution

Hi @martin,

Would it be possible, for certain controls, to lower the resolution, meaning instead of having (say) a fader move from min to max in one rotation of the encoder, allow for more precise control by needing 2 (or 4) rotations to get it from min to max.

My use case is a Program Change fader, where I want to set it to an exact number. It currently is rather fiddley to get to the next value: I would love to travel a bit more before the next (integer) value is reached.

So some parameter like speed (fast/slow) or something would help me here.

Hope I did explain my Idea / Feature right (if not please say so).


Technically yes. electra calculates the step size based on number of distict values and the speed of rotation. Below 32 values (I think) it goes to the encoder mode where fixed travel is required to generate one step. Maybe forcing the encoder mode would do the job?

Maybe indeed, would that be possible as an option? Maybe JSON only, to start off with?

yes, I see it could be an optional attribute in the in preset json.

Cool! And hopefully in the Instrument Files as well?

yes, i am also wanting some sort of encoder speed. i’m wanting to try to get these encoders to be 270 degrees for full rotation 1 - 127 values. should be enough resolution there with the pots?

I’m away from my Electras to provide an example, but you should be able to use a Lua function to scale values as you see fit. I agree it’s a good idea for the firmware itself to provide the means to deal with this, but if you’re in any way blocked you can give Lua a try.