Handling Problem with List Detail and large Lists

Hi Martin

There is a small Problem with List Detail and large lists: If i grab the Knob and press the Section1 Button, the List Details show up and i can select the item i want to, but if i have really large Lists in some of the Presets, and i need to regrab the Knob for another rotation, the List disapears, even if i’m still holding the Section1 Button. So i think it should be changed i a way, that the List Details keep showing, as long as you hold the Section1 Button and not reacting on the Knob-touch.

Just try it yourself and i think you will see what i try to explain.



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Hi, there is the “lock” symbol next to the detail list window. If you tap on it, the detail window will be locked on the screen until you tap outside of it (or the close symbol).

However, I like the idea that holding the Section 1 button down could keep the detail window open. I will think about that.

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Yes, i know. But the handling of this is not really comfortable as i use one hand for the Select1-Button and one hand for the Knob, so there is no Hand left to press the lock symbol :wink: Plus it would need two more user-actions: Open Detail List, Lock, choose value, unlock. I think the Lock only makes sense, if you are playing with the List-Values over a long period of time. So i would still prefer my solution. Thanks thinking about it :slight_smile:

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