Shutdown E1


new user here! I read that we can put the E1 in standby mode. What is the best for the E1: can i unplugged the usb cord, shutting down the unit, is it safe? do i need to put in stand by before shutting down?

Thanx a lot

The standby mode:

Electra still draws some current out of the USB port and still routes MIDI data according to the configuration. But you can leave it in this mode for extensive time. The main point here is: if you leave it in standby while connected to a laptop running on the battery power - Electra will eventually discharge the battery.

Disconnecting the cable:

No need to put to standby before disconnecting. Just make sure you do not disconnect the cable when:

  1. uploading a firmware
  2. uploading a preset

If you do, it still can be fixed but requires extra “recovery” steps to be taken.

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