Octatrack cc#61

I would like to control OCTATRACK with Electra One.
I heard that if I send CC#61 from Electra One to OCTATRACK, the parameter values will be reflected in Electra One even if I change the settings in OCTATRACK.
I would like to know if there is a way to do this.
I immediately made a button to send CC#61 and tried it, but it is not reflected at all.
If anyone knows how to set this up, please let me know.

Are there any mk2 users with Elektron Octatrack?

@izfonic is experiencing a strange problem. Only a fraction of parameter dump messages (initiated with CC #61) is received/recognized by his Electra One. When he connects MIDI USB interface to his Octatrack, it makes it clear that Octatrack sends the data ok.

If I send the same Octatrack bulk data to my E1 using the MIDI USB interface (no Octatrack here), everything is received and processed just fine.

If anybody was willing to do a few tests with me, it would be great.

Octatrack and E1 mk II here, but i am out of town on travel and i fo not think I can talk anyone at home into messing with my gear while I’m out.

The Octatrack is a bit complicated to set up MIDI-wise, but if you’re getting a full dump OK from a file and not from the OT, is the E1 sending anything out or echoing anything back that might cause the actual hardware box to stop?

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@oldgearguy pls contact me when you are back and available. I would do a few tests with you. Thanks!

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Just want to confirm I am seeing the same behavior as the original poster.

As soon as I fix our clothes dryer, deal with a small water leak, and catch up with work, I’ll see if we can get this debugged.


Sorry for the extended delays in responding.
Getting a full debug environment set up took more time and energy than anticipated.

I am committed to carving out time this week to look into why the Electra isn’t accepting all the CCs sent by the Octatrack.

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I used this CC when I had my BCF2000 hooked up to the Octa, when coming back from controlling another unit. Very handy, the controller instantly repositions to the current Octa settings.

It’s weird with the E1. I’ve been testing it and trying to nail down why the E1 seems to ignore most of the CCs. I can send lots of CCs with other devices with no problems but the combination of the OT and E1 just doesn’t get along at the moment. I also see the problem when quickly moving the OT cross fader. Only one CC message gets to the E1.


Mystery resolved. OT uses running status to dump all the parameters. The fix is included in the upcoming release.

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nice great to hear Martin thank you