New to E1


I just received my Electra One and was wondering if there is a place that shows how to get started on doing certain things like using with VSTs, best way to setup to control hardware synths and vst, latest firmware, etc?

I tested it out by hook it up to my Pioneer AS-1 directly and using one the instrument device that’s uploaded here and it works just fine, but can I connect the E1 to my Motu midi 128 device and do the same thing?

Thanks for any help or assistance.

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Hi Jigdagod,

you can find the user guide at here - Electra one user guide. It describes the main concepts of using Electra and the editor. There is also a few support articles / including the info about upgrading the firmware at Github Wiki.

Regarding the Motu 128, the answer depends much on your setup and daw you are using. For Motu 128 I would suggest to configure your MIDI environment so that the the routing happens in the DAW. With more advanced interfaces (XT, Mio XL) you can manage routing and merging of MIDI data in the hardware.

This is an example of a simple example setup in Logic X:

I am currently out for a short holiday, till Wednesday. I will write a short howto article on this after I am back.

I hope this gives you now at least a rough direction how to go about it. I am sure other users use different ways to do the same. If somebody is willing to share, I will be glad.



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Thank you for the response. I did eventually find the user guide.

I haven’t ventured into the DAW area yet, but that is where I plan to use it so I’ll give that a shot. Right now I’m just working with the editor and 1 synth at a time and figuring that part out. I will say that once you get started it’s fairly easy to use. Really enjoying the E1. I do have more questions, but I will continue to explore before I ask my questions.

@martin could you please make the user guide downloadable? Currently it’s not and I always worry that I need to look something up where there is no internet :flushed:

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here you go…

Electra One manual.pdf (2.1 MB)

we are preparing a new website, the pdf version will be available there too.