Reason 11 and Electra one

Hi all,

Electra one to control the synths and effects in Reason, what do you think? Possible?

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why not? :slight_smile:

Reason supports midi mappings , so you could create a preset on the E1 for your rack, then map it via midi mapping.

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So now at the moment I have a KORG nanokontrol 2 and, e.g., when I switch the subtractor synth or the masltroem synth, or any other effect device in the rck(like the RV7000 reverb), the knobs and faders are alwys pre-assigned. The problem is, that the knobs have no text below them and that their position is not the same as the synth/effect before you switch, so when you switch to an other virtual device you have to move them to the position manually again. That sucks. So thats where I think the electra one is perfect. You can read the text below the parameters and the value is always the same like in the actual selected virtual device.

So you thin I can easily create a midi map-remote file like with the nanokontrol and the parameters are pre-assigned then to specific devices?

Nobody an answer? really?

I would love to answer, but I have zero experience with Reason. In general, Electra is pretty much a “standard” midi controller. I had a quick look at the nanocontrol specs/userguide, I do not see anything that Electra could not do.

unforunately, Ive got (and used) an old version of reason which Ive not upgraded, and so not installed on my newer macs.

but indeed, it is possible to create your own control surfaces in Reason.
this is covered here:

having a quick look a the files in /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/Remote (macos)

we can see there are two stages

a) create a codec.
this tells Reason what controls you have you on your physical control surface.

these can be simple, using midi , or more complex using lua

b) create a mapping
this is where you map specific Reason elements (e.g. device settings) to a physical mapping (e.g. the codec)

the above can be pretty simple e.g. with things with fixed pots.
or can get quite complex e.g. look at whats been done with PusheR2

so yes this is possible… if you want to get stuck in.

BUT, I’ll repeat, as I did on the Logic Pro thread recently :wink:
these control surface ‘scripts’ are different on every single daw (Logic, reaper, Ableton, Bitwig … they all have them!) , but they all use different languages, technologies, different apis - and to create them, requires very specific (and detailed) knowledge that daw.
so its really not viable to create them for every daw.

so much so, you’ll find 90% of these scripts are actually written by the DAW developers, simply because even the likes of Akai, dont have time to do them for all daws.
(and again, its easier for the daw developer, since whilst the devices different - they know the daw/scripting languages they created intimately)

but for sure, you can definitely do this , if you have the time and inclination…

but I guess most users will prefer to do midi mapping rather than coding :slight_smile:

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