Help in installing Ableton Live Remote Script for E1 (MacOS)

I must be doing something wrong…

I’ve put the contents of the zip file from Github into the directory as instructed.
/Users//Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts/ElectraOne

Then then next step is to Add E1 as a Control Surface in Live - but it doesn’t show up. I’ve rebooted and reinstalled it but no change - it’s not there

If anyone can point out my error I would appreciate it.


Hm… the screenshot of the ElectraOne directory is incomplete: what other files (beyond Live template.als and default.lua does it contain?

Also, the default directory Ableton uses is /Users/name/Documents/Ableton while you use /Users/name/Ableton

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Sorry that screen capture is merely truncated for brevity; the entirity of the zip file is inside…

As per your directions… unless I’m reading it incorrectly "Create a new directory ElectraOne into your local Ableton MIDI Live Scripts folder: that is, create /Users/username/Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts/ElectraOne on MacOS**

From your directions it appears “/Users/name/Documents/Ableton” is directed to those on Windows

duplicating the ElectraOne diectory to the following location

So the correct directory on a Mac seems to be
/Users/username/Documents/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts/ElectraOne

rather than
/Users//Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts/ElectraOne
which is how I read it on GitHub


Now it does indeed bring it up in LIVE

So step one is achieved lol
thanks so much for your help

Oops… Documentation fixed! Thanks for spotting this one.

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May I ask for another clarification or direction? How do I upload Mixer.eproj to a preset slot? I am able to upload presets with the app easily enough but don’t know how to upload this.

Thanks so much for sharing all the work you do with the E1

What in actual fuck… now I can’t get the dang thing to show up after playing with the STEP 5 part of the installation - yeah I jumped past Step 4 because I cannot seem to find the info on installing the mixer part…

damn this is frustrating

I was kind of expecting the E1 to work straight out of the box on something as simple as communicating with any DAW…

Hardware connection… and I’m fine. I’m obviously missing something on how to configure this to work with just USB.


the mixer must be loaded to the controller in order to have the ableton remote script working. There are three ways to do that:

  1. Use the preset that @jhh maintains in the preset library. To do so, open the preset selection on the hardware controller, select bank 6, and tap on the first preset slot (top-left). An empty preset will show up. Then, search the Ableton Mixer preset in the Preset Library. When found, click on Send to Electra:

  2. Go to the Controller page in the web app, there select the Preset Slots tab. Scroll down to Bank #6 and click on the slot 1. That will select the Bank 6 preset slot 1. Then, you can use the right side of the screen to find the Ableton Mixer preset and click “Upload to slot” button.

  3. You can import the mixer.eproj to your own presets, ie. not using the preset mentioned in 1. and 2. You can do this by going to My Presets, and clicking on the Import Project button:

    Once you have it imported in your private presets, you can uploaded to the preset slot 1 in bank 6 as described above.

Once the preset is there and remote script configured, Live will take controll over the controller when started.

and happy to see MOTU Timepiece in action. I am still using one of them too. I have a preset that can be used to configure routes. I will share it on the web, I thought nobody uses these any more :slight_smile: