How do I connect two mioXL with RTP MIDI?

Can someone please tell me how to connect two mioXL with RTP MIDI? I have a ethernet switch connected to my Mac and both mioXL connected to the switch. I want to route from one mioXL to the other.

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Have you seen this video?

I do not have two Mios at hand now so I cannot test it. With a bit of luck I should be able to do that at the end of the month.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your answer. Yes I have seen it but it will not help me. Let’s take an example. I have the Electra connected to mioXL #1, no problem to route from Electra to my synthesizers connected to mioXL #1 but… Some of my synthesizers are connected to mioXL #2, I do not understand how to route from Electra in mioXL #1 to a synth in mioXL #2.

Best regards Benny

You probably have to make two routes, one in each devices (via Auracle).

Yes, so far I agree but… Probably a port on each mioXL must be used to connect them. That’s the bit I don’t understand. I have asked iConnectivity how to do it and have not received an answer yet. I’ll get back with their answer as soon as I get it in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

I have 2 MioXl and 1 MioXm. But I’m not at home. Will try to check tomorrow how I did it.

You need to chain connections together. You will first connect the two mioXLs together by allocating an rtpmidi port on both sides to provide the connection. In order to make it simple, you might name them for the other device you are connecting to.

For instance, on mioXL-1, make an rtpmidi port named mioXL-2 and do the reverse on the other device.

Now you will route from the electra port on mioXL-1 to the rtpmidi port named mioXL-2 (both the in and out directions). On the mioXL-2 side, you will connect the synth to the mioXL-1 rtpmidi port.

mioxl #1 ( electra ↔ mioXL-2) | ( mioXL-2 mioXL-1) | mioXL #2 ( mioXL-1 ↔ synth)

I have a mioXL and a mioXM and I have everything named as chainA, chainB, and treat my mioXM as an extension of the mioXL so I can have my Akai force connected by usb to just the mioXL and it only knows about chainA, B, etc and the mioXL routes to either local or remote. This is so I can move synths around between the two mio devices but not have to change any midi addressing.

With this kind of consistent naming, I can use all the same addressing on PC win/linux and the akai.



Thanks dstengle for great information. Just one more question. This is done in Auracle, right? It has nothing to do with Audio MIDI Setup and sessions in OS X? And you do not need to connect them together with a USB cable?

That’s right. This is all directly between the two units, configured through auracle and over rtpmidi instead of USB. Your computer is not involved in the midi part of this, just the configuration through auracle.

Remember to save the preset! Changing things in auracle only changes ram until you save the preset. I wish they would just edit a preset and save it automatically rather than risk losing everything on a power cycle (like I did multiple times). The rtpmidi connections between units is saved automatically at least.

Here are some screenshots to show the config. The mioXM has the synth on a midi usb hub called MFACE 8x8a 5 and the mioXL has the electra directly on usb ports.

This is the mioXM midi routing ( I have the remote MioXL port routed to the MidiFace 8x8 port 5, as well as the reverse):

This is the rtpmidi on the mioXM:

The names here might be a little confusing. The first “MioXL-1” is from our midi routing. That makes it clear when we’re routing where it is going. mioxm chain 1 is the name of the local end of the rtpmidi connection and mioxl chain 1 is the remote name connecting to us.

You want to set everything up on the receiver first.

Next, on the mioXL, this is the rtpmidi setup. It is important to note that the bonjour name gets set in the responder mode and carries over to the initiator mode where there isn’t anywhere to set it. Best thing to do is to set the name before you switch to initiator:

The “MioXM-1” is set from the midi routing screen and the “mioxm chain 1” is the name you set in the rtpmidi screen on the mioXM.

NOTE: I had to reboot my mioXM before the connection would come up. If you hit save an nothing happens, try restarting the reponder unit.

And here is my midi routing on the mioXL:

I hope this helps clarify the setup.


Thank you so much for this description. I would like to test it at once but I am working. It will be interesting to follow your instructions. Thanks again for the work you put in to help me and others :slight_smile:

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I see you are connecting the E1 via USB to the mioXL. That is a good way to use all 32 MIDI channels from the E1 without consuming 2 DIN MIDI in/out pairs on the mio.

What about the PC connection then? How do you send new presets from the PC into the E1?

So I need to admit that I don’t use the electra this way. My preference would be to use the din and midi host ports and leave the usb connected to the computer. That’s a big reason I got the mio units in the first place so that I could separate usb from midi so I could have both my Akai force and computer connected at the same time.

My use cases for the electra didn’t work out just yet and I need to reevaluate. One problem is just routing and the number of devices I have spread out across chains and midi channels. Two ports makes it difficult for me to use it effectively with how I have gear spread out.

I found a great way to get a lot more din ports cheap:

You could possibly even replace the mio with these since they even support rtpmidi, but you need write your own code so I just use it for an additional 8 ports from the host. You could use these to get another 160 din ports on a mioXL.

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FYI ; I just changed over my set-up in which all 3 MIO’s are now interconnected via RTP-MIDI, even if no computer is running.
I’ve divided my set-up in 3 parts A, B, C, each with different instruments.
The main MIDI controllers is in part A, while all other parths have synths with keyboards.
Now I can easily configure (when playing DAW-less) if MIDI channels are kept isolated from one part to another or whether I allow generic layering/Sharing between those 3 parts.
But in all cases the MIDI clock is sent from the main MIDI controller.

It looks to me it is sensible to have two RTP-midi connections between each MIO: one that is specifically used for MIDI channel independent info, such as SysEx and Song and Clock. The other one that then transmits MIDI channel dependent data, such as Note On/Off or CC.

I’m building this up as we speak, so if there are any specific questions for such setup, let me know…

Once this works well in DAW-less mode, I’ll add a PC with Ableton to the set-up