[Preset] iConnectivity MioXL preset editor

Here is a first release of a preset to edit routing, port filtering and some limited channel remapping for the iConnectivity Mio XL Midi Interface:

Feedback & suggestions welcome.


This preset supports comprehensive routing, port filtering and some limited channel remapping. Channel filters are not supported yet.


All pages (except Device&Preset Select) deal with a specific input port. The input port can be selected on the top right input list and request button.

On the first pages presets can be loaded and saved. Since no global settings are done with the Electra preset, only preset data is saved.
All global settings have to be done in Auracle including naming (i.e. preset names) and network (RTP) configuration.

Since the MioXL has 8 DIN inputs an 12 DIN outputs, these extra DIN outputs 9-12 can be configured by the selection list and request button at the right of the mid row for output filter and output channel remapping.

Configuration of used ports and multiple MioXL devices is suppported at page “Device&Preset Select”, see below.

Page 1 Port Routing

On this page a selected input can be routed to any DIN output. The lists of routing to USB DAW, USB Host and RTP indicate the first outputs routed to of each of these output types.

ATTENTION: if you change the routing with these lists on this page, the selected output will be the only one the input is routed to a port of this type. This is due to my main use case to route to these output types. Multiple outputs of these types can be configured on the next pages (see below)

Page DAW&HST Routing

On this page a selected input can be routed to the 16 USB DAW outputs (row 1-4) and the 10 USB Host outputs (row 5-6)

Page RTP Routing

On this page a selected input can be routed to the 22 RTP ports (network configuration of the RTP ports has to be done in Auracle)

Page Port Filter

On this page input and output filters can be set for a selected input port (and it’s corresponding output port). For output filters of the extra DIN output ports 9-12 the extra output has to be selected and requested.

Pages In Channel Remap & Out Channel Remap

On these pages for each input respectively output channel (FROM CH) of a selected port the routing of particular events can be remapped to another channel (To Channel X).
For output channel mappings of the extra DIN output ports 9-12 the extra output has to be selected and requested.

ATTENTION/LIMITATION: due to my main Use Cases of mapping all playing events or mapping program change events, all events except program change are mapped in the same way. On request from MioXL, only mappings of Note On events are reflected on the display and if a mapping is changed with E1, all events except program changes are mapped from/to channel. The program change event mapping can be done by the lower three rows.

Page Device&Preset Select

At the first row of this page multiple MioXL devices could be supported and the port the MioXL is connected to E1 can be changed.

The default MIDI port of E1 to MioXL to send and receive MIDI events is PORT_1 (this can be changed the preset in the E1 app ) but can be changed on this page.

Without any changes to the lua script, any MioXL connected to the default/selected port will be used for first communication.
Multiple devices can be configured by adding names and serial numbers as list items in lua and will be then selectable on this page:

ovListDevName[2] = { value = 2, label = ("other Mio")}

ovListDevSerial[2] = { value = 2, label = ("0000182D")}

ATTENTION: The support of multiple MioXL device is not tested.

Preset Selector
The controls of the other rows are dedicated to the MioXL preset selector configuration, a little bit complicated.
At least my MioXL (firmware 2.1.0) crashes when a preset is selected by sysex for a second time (also when preset is loaded by Auracle for the secon time).

For that the change of presets with the E1 preset hast to be done by a configured preset selector (default in MioXL is port USB DAW 16, which doesn’t work for E1).

So in the 2nd row on the left side the input ports of MioXL can be enabled / disabled to react on program changes. On the right hand side the E1 output port and channel can be selected to send preset changes (default channel is 16).

The channels the MioXL will receive preset changes on are shown and configurable on the lower rows.
In the option list “Selector Config” the events to change presets in the MioXL can be selected (only program change tested).

That means to enable preset switching from the E1 it has to be ensured that the selected E1 output port and channel is configured in the MioXL to receive preset selector messages (program changes) on the corresponding input port and channel.

Finally this configuration can be saves by the lower right button

ATTENTION: all global settings will be saved, also those made by Auracle in the meantime


This is absolutely amazing. Thank you!

I concur!
Need to find time to test :slight_smile: