How do I route from Web MIDI (Chrome web browser) to a synth connected to mioXL?

I made a simple preset in Electra that are sending a sysex dump request to my Volca FM2. Volca answers with a dump that is 168 bytes. Perfekt!

I am working on an app that runs in Chrome web browser with Web MIDI (WEBMIDI.js). The app sends out the same sysex dump request but nothings happens because the Volca never get it. (My MIDI monitor sees it) My question is, how do I route mioXL so I can send from Web MIDI in Chrome to a synth connected to mioXL?

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Do you send the sysex data directly to Volca or via E1?

Electra is connected to Volca and Volca is connected to Electra (two way communication). I attached two pictures of the result in my MIDI monitor and the program that I run in Chrome.


This will send sysex to Volca. But how do I receive the sysex dump in Web MIDI? Only then will I know if it works.

I solved my problem in the following way. I connected a USB cable from the USB DAW connector at the front right off my mioXL to a USB hub connected to my Mac. Then I can use RTP MIDI when I need that and directly to my Mac when I need that. Now I can use webMIDI and it works. For example, when I move a slider on my Volca I can see the controller number in Chrome (webMIDI). Now the adventure begins :slight_smile: