I jujst bougtht the electra one and i need help

i just bought the elecra one second hand off of reverb and as the title sugjests i need help. i’ve plugged it in to my pc and nothing but i dont even know if i am using the right kind of usb cord. i’m using a usb c into my computer. no where on anh of the documentation does it say what kind of usb cord. it just says use the "bundled usb cord. the unit didnt come with any cables. needless to say the website did not detect my electra. i tride downloading the firmware installer app but when i try installing it i get an error message "the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime140_1 was not found reinstalling the program may fix this problem. any help?

hi @zjp,

The USB C cable is just fine. There is only one restriction, the cable should not be too long. Long cables or low quality cables may not deliver the power that E1 needs. Use a cable 1.5m long or shorter.

The first thing to check is if your system detects the controller. On windows, a notification sound is played when a USB device is connected. Also, the controller should be listed in the Windows Device Manager as “Electra Controller”:

as well as in the list of Universal Serial Bus Controllers:

If you do not see such device there, it means that the controller does not communicate with your computer. It can be either a hardware issue, or most likely a problem with a firmware loaded in the controller. To check that, click the recessed red button next to the round MIDI IO connectors on the back panel. By doing this you will switch the controller to the update mode - a very simple mode of operation. Windows should always detect Electra in this mode unless there is a hardware problem. So, briefly click the update button when Electra is connected to the computer and then observe the Device Manager again. This is what you should see on the list of Human Interface Devices:

Look for the USB Input Device with VID_16C0&PID_0478.

If you see such device there. Hardware is ok and cable is fine too. You can go now to the https://app.electra.one/ - Menu Section Controller and there choose Firmware update:

and hit the Force Firmware Update button. This should get your controller going.

If you cannot find the controller on the Device Manager list even when it is in the update mode, the unit can be “bricked” - it still can be fixed or there is a hardware problem. Please reach with a private message to review the unit in such situation.

I hope this helps,


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Also – what is the type of computer and what is the operating system?
From the error message, it sounds like a PC (not Mac) running an older version of Windows.
You may need to download some updates for that computer as well.

@oldgearguy incorrect sir pc yes certainly not old it arived brand new not a week ago custom built by ADK for music production. windows 11/ completely up to date

@martin i dont know how to private msg

I have just sent you a private message. Use it to respond to me. Cheers.

Definitely work directly with Martin. You may need to download/reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio to get the correct DLLs, but Martin will know for sure.

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