Help with connecting to unit via USB

I have a early model unit that used to work perfectly, now I cannot get it to be seen on a Mac or PC, in the browser, or in the console. I have tried multiple PCs and Macs, used “auto discovery”, different cables. Nothing, something is not right.

Also tried the reset procedure and still no luck.

What’s weird is, inside the console the Mac and PC both see the “Electra Controller” but again, refuses to connect. Any ideas?


Hi @Mike-Mc, what firmware version do you have installed on your unit? You can see the firmware version on the start up screen.

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, I tried the unit today and now it won’t power on at all. I tried multiple power sources, no luck. So I can’t grab the firmware unfortunately. I’d say I last updated it in late 2020. Any idea what to do to get it to power up again?


Hi @Mike-Mc, would you join me on the website chat? You can get there by clicking the blue chat icon on