iConnecticity mioXL Preset Selector?

Can someone please tell me how the mioXL Preset Selector works? I want to send a message to the mioXL so it changes the preset.

I just talked to iConnectivity support. Here is the answer.

β€œThe Preset Selector port on the USB DAW connection can change a preset if you send a program change to it. This may work, but if you want to use a MIDI controller to do this you will need to use our BETA app to enable other ports to switch presets.”

PresetSelectorSetup.app.zip (1.6 MB)

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 20.32.51

So, what does that really mean?

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I played around with this in the past. yes, the preset selector is only on USB DAW port (as they call it) and moreover iConnectivity cannot route MIDI messages to that port. That means that you could send program changes to the router only if it was connected to Electra One USB host port.

Their beta app seems to provide a solution. I will give it a try.

Note, iConnectivity also published the sysex implementation for their devices. I think (never tried) sysex message sent to the router could be used to change preset or reconfigure it.

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That sounds interesting.

Common+System+Exclusive+Commands+TNG.pdf (1.0 MB)