In between section labels

Hello, new E1 owner here.

I have started creating some new templates and to help visually organize things, I want to use those small section labels above some controls.

However, a lot of my controls are side-by-side pairs and it would be great to be able to place a section label between two controls and have the little side bracket graphics extend over just those two to indicate they belong together. That would also allow me to place common text in the section label rather than duplicate it in each control, making the screen less cluttered.

thanks for creating a very nice controller. It’s been great to use and integrates very easily into my setup so far.

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I’ve been thinking along that same line as well (also a new E1 user since last week). I thought might also be nice if the background colour could be changed of the area where the controls are. It would make it visually easier to group controls. Something like this (made in Paint and I’m colourblind, but you get the idea :wink: )

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Tom, would it be possible to make a small drawing? Just to make sure I get your idea. Thx.

Martin, sure, give me a day or so.


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This is a stellar idea

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The background is possible but there is a technical issue with that. Using a background requires lot more complex “redrawing process”. This is due to antialiased graphics, ie. smooth edges. When we add new features the performance (in terms of the MIDI throughput and latency) is the key factor. So far we felt the solid background colours cost too much.

I am not saying we will never do that but it kind of waits… maybe some bright idea on how to implement that will come :slight_smile:

The idea for background colour was for having a better visualization of groups of control. I think that if a blank vertical and horizontal border were available it could be useful as well for that purpose. Maybe that wouldn’t require as much resource. A bit like this:


Martin - just exactly how SmartBits drew the picture above.
Specifically, the VCF-LPF spanning 6 controls and ENV spanning 4 controls. Same with a 2 control span.

Simple summary - instead of placing a section label above the 1/2/3/4/5/6 column, I’d like to be able to place it above the half – 1.5/2.5/3.5/…

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