Help texts upon touch

Once you have too many synths than is smart (like I have) and you get a bit older (like I am) or your memory is lousy (like mine :thinking: ), it becomes harder to remember all the quirks each individual synth has.

Here’s an idea to support these shortcomings, so we can keep all our sound engines: a helptext that can be added to a control. The help usually is not shown, allthough it would be great to have a setting or function by which you can have controls highlighted (or not) when a helptext is added to them. For instance like in Excel, by adding a tiny red triangle in the control slot corner.

In any case, recalling the helptext would then happen by long encoder press, and the text would then dissappear by a) releasing the encoder or b) after the release by touching any of the encoders.

Such helptext should be bound to its control. If you move the control around, then the text would at least keep its context.