Jamuary 2021


Anyone of you also using the Jamuary Hype on social Media to push themself a little bit into recording jams and be more quick in getting results then normal?

I changed my setup a lot and try to focus more on a few devices and simpler music this year. I won’t do that „one jam per day“ thing, but I try to get a few more jams out that somehow.

Here is my first attempt, with my 2 newest accusations: the Elektron Analog Rytm and the Electra One.

Share your jams too, if you have some!


Happy new year

very nice…I enjoyed that, and good to see the electra one in play

ive started… as you say, I want to use it as a way to focus my efforts a bit.
not sure I can keep up ‘one a day’, but will try to do as much as possible.

Ive not brought in the Electa One yet - since I’ve run into a spot of trouble with the hardware that would enable me to interface the E1 to my modular
(which is where I find it most useful… at least in this setup, perhaps I’ll do some daw based jams, then the E1 will be useful there :slight_smile: )

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Day 4, and something slower…

Def need to make some time to setup the E1 to help me fade track in/out :slight_smile:


Day 5 , and finally got the E1 into play :slight_smile:


Today I have a Jam again. More percussive. Played around with the Compressor and Delay Feedback. Quite Grindy this time. No Electra One this time, as I only needed to work with one Performance at a time.


today, decided to develop the theme a little from yesterday, and bring in the eurorack.
though meant my desk was getting a bit cramp for space… but still room for the E1 :slight_smile:

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today, a quick improv on the soundplane ,
and also to improve the video with the critter and guitari EYESY for visuals :slight_smile:

the E1 could be a good partner for the Eyesy, since Eyesy video effects can also be controlled via midi, so E1 could extend the UI very nicely…
also could be interesting if the E1 can store presets per device… kind of like patch changes.

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Today (Rytm again) it has a little bit of Rock’n’Roll Flair…
And it’s with the E1 again.


no E1 today, but does have cat and eyesy :slight_smile:

today, spent quite a bit of time refining how I use the Electra One with the Octatrack

I love the way the Electra One can blur the lines between different instruments…
so on this one page, Ive got controls over the Octatrack, but also over a VST running on Ableton.

its great means I can focus on playing rather than reaching to different controllers, or mousing about :slight_smile: