Korg DW8000/Roland JV&JD series

Hi! This would be great as a controller for the DW8000 as well as the older Roland JV/JD series like the 880, 990 and 1080. Anyone have plans to make a template for any or all of these?

I have an old jv880, but there’s currently a “doesn’t power up” problem, once I get that fixed, I plan on doing a template. Could take a while though (the power problem).
However doing template is really easy, the hardest part for me was deciding what I wanted where :slight_smile:


Fixed the power up problem by swapping out the battery :battery: and the subsequent “internal ram read error” by factory resetting. Unfortunately there’s only very little sound coming out of it (-75db or so) , so that needs to be fixed before proceeding. If anybody has an idea?

just a rough guess: if only some of the voices are affected, look at the voice channel VCA chips / opamps. If all voices are affected, look at the summing mix / amplifier. You might also see if the phones are doing the same, to located the issue. An oscilloscope is great for tracking down issue like this.

Didn’t turn on again mmh :roll_eyes::triumph:

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I’ve created a patch for the Korg EX-8000. Didn’t test it with a DW-8000. But since the Sysex implementation seems to be identical, it should also work with the DW-8000.

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