Korg DL8000 R

What started as an offhand remark from a friend about the DL8000R (and initially dismissed by me because the sysex looked challenging), turned into something that came together relatively quickly.

It got easier to finish once I actually bought a DL (but that’s another story).
These delays are known for their deep menus, encoders that get completely flakey to use, and their amazing sound when programmed.

So here is a working version that does everything but save the edited patch (that will come).
For now, I didn’t embed the factory or default user names because I’m trying to keep it small enough to run on the Mk I as well as the Mk II.

Let me know what you think.

Korg DL8000R


OK, I think I added the patch naming change and saving a preset.
Still some random cleanups here and there, but it seems fine (at least from my 10 minutes testing).

now back to my personal Sisyphean task known as the PCM 80

Some tweaks to the main, but, also added a Mk II only version.
DL 8000R mk II only

What happens now is - when you first choose a preset to edit, I download all presets and the utility info.
This way, I can display all the preset (factory and user) names plus give you access to the utility config info and the ability to change between Tap Tempo and regular millisecond time.

The Tap Tempo stuff is currently out on Page 10, still making sure it’s stable, but it is there and seems to be working.

I will need to rearrange the Config, Utility, and Tempo controls to be less cluttered and more useful, but for now, I think this version is useful, so it’s out there for you.

There’s no documented way I’ve found to just grab the utility info, so I can’t do most of these extras on the mk I just yet.

Did some cleanup on the Mk II version.
The renaming will save the new name

Also - in the config page, you can choose to have the E1 download just the specific patch or all the user names+the patch.

version 6