Ensoniq synths

Just wondering if anyone has made any templates for Ensoniq synths. I have quite a few Ensoniqs and was looking for editors. I don’t own an Electra One, but am highly intrigued by it.

How hard is it to make templates for it? Does Electra One have a midi learn?

I am planning to make a preset for DP/4, possibly ASR10/88 (if I bring it back to life). Most Ensoniqs use NRPN and SysEx. I do not see any problems with making a preset for them.

Yes, Electra has MIDI learn, and can recognize even NRPN and SysEx messages.

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Would be great! Have both machines @home. Martin, I like that you support old hardware :slight_smile:

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cool I also got a DP/4, I am working on an Editor for the Ensoniq mirage with SoundProcess OS. possibly later as wel for the Masos os for the Mirage as wel.

I hope it also can be used with a DP/4+ !!!

Does anyone have the full sysex specs for the DP/4 or DP4+ ?
You won’t find this in the musicians or ref manual.

I somehow managed to get some but many pages are missing and I am not able to find the full doc.
I think writing to ensoniq is not going to work :slight_smile:

Ensoniq-dp4-sysex-spec-part1.pdf (950.3 KB)

Ensoniq-dp4-sysex-spec-part2.pdf (888.3 KB)

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I have exactly the same thing, just in a single document. It was easy to get and I do not think there is anything else available. At least as far as I know.

ah ok. I am trying on a fb group and on a forum.
but otherwise there is at least enought to sort the puzzle.

btw this 2 byte nybles are kind of hard to work with with lua.
At least for me on my noobish level. :slight_smile:

I got hold of the full document.

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Anyone make the DP/4 Preset yet? Just got my Electra today. Having a blast can’t wait to connect it to my old gear