Kurzweil MIDIBoard

I have been planning to use the Electra One for softsynths, but I am wondering is there any reason I couldn’t set it up to program a Kurzweil MIDIBoard? What info would I need to do that? Apologies if this is a naive question…!

Is there a service manual or a midi implementation guide available? if so I can review it.

I’ll send them to you in a separate email.

Thanks Martin!

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Sysex is used to configure the MIDIBoard. It should perfectly with Electra.


This is great news, now I REALLY need an Electra One! Even better, I was in touch with another MIDIBoard owner, who has all of the Sysex information for the MIDIBoard which he received from Hal Chamberlin (the chief engineer/designer for the MIDIBoard back in the 80’s). He will be sending it to me shortly, I imagine it will be very valuable in designing an Electra One preset.

Now, hurry up and take my money!!

Thank you,