Will this system work with V.A.S.T. thanx for the info

Will this system work with V.A.S.T. ? thanx for the info


The sound synthesis is not determining whether it’ll work or not. Regardless if your synth uses analog sound generation, physical modelling, FM, virtual analog, sampling or VAST (with a.o. FM, virtual analog), it all can work with the E1 provided it has a MIDI implementation. Which Kurzweil synths surely have.

In how far you can go with the Electra One, will depend on the actual Kurzweil synth model.

Will Electra One work with Kurzweil K2000 V.A.S.T. thanx


I checked the manuals of the K2000. The standard MIDI implementation is there, and there is support for some SysEx messaging. So standard things like modwheel, panpot, expression and program changes are implemented.

However I found no documentation on SysEx Data Dump nor on any SysEx Parameter Changes. I believe these protocols exist, but you need the documentation to be sure it works.

I checked on GearSpace, where some say the CPU of the K2000 is too slow for real time SysEx parameter changes, and it is no avail to try to implement this. Is that true? Can’t tell, 'cause I haven’t got one.

Conclusion: if it is about standard midi exchanges, no problem. If it is about sound editing, you’ll need to find the appropiate SysEx information first and verify if the K2000 is fast enough to respond to it. Or you’ll need to reverse engineer the data dumps using the the E1.

I have a K1000 and also for this one the MIDI Sysex implementation chart is not public AFAIK.
At least that are my findings.

Anyone else has a view on Kurzweil?

I believe K2k v.2 or higher is adequate (possible) for this purpose: [macros autoload update¿]… have to do a little bit of self research on my instrument(s) machines Looking to augment Midiquest with this/ur system as much as such to be another piece of a hardware based easily transpo('d) &/or alternative gig setup. thanx graciously for this invaluable info dude

You’re most welcome. I’m a user of the E1 like you are. The forum is to help each other.

Not as yet but again ur input is greatly appreciated dude

here’s what I found on gearspace