Lexicon LXP 5 and 15 Presets?

Heading to the studio in an hour and a half to try it! Will report back. thanks!

Someone mentioned that the earlier version additions for patch save seemed to have broken patch load.
This version (1.8) might be better, but I need people with actual LXP-5’s to test and give feedback since I do not have the unit here and it has been working fine with my data files.

I will let you know in a few here. Day job has been all consuming. Sorry for being slow. I am actually spending the night at my studio to play catch up tonight.

Turned out to be a MIDI channel/Electra port mismatch.

Remember to go into the Global/Config page and set the channel and port if you’re not using channel 1, port 1.


I plugged it into the electra and set global/config as you suggested. I got the devices and communicating. So far, so good! Let me spend a few more hours with it before giving any reports, but so far this blows the lexicon MRC out of the water. Question, how do I request a patch dump from the MRC? That was the one thing I couldn’t figure out in my 1 hr of messing with it, but it is VERY fucking cool. thank you so much for this!!!

The Electra One has 6 soft buttons (3 on each side of the screen).
Once you pick a patch number with the control (or Press Sync and select a patch on the PCM 80 editor) press the upper right button on the Electra One.

Please take 10 minutes and look over the docs.electra.one pages to get a general sense of how the Electra One (and the presets) work.
It’ll save you time, headaches, and questions.

I was planning on doing that first thing tomorrow am, but been so so slammed between work and other hectic life circumstances. Was happy to carve out some time to try your LXP 5 editor today. I will mess with it more tomorrow and begin trying the PCM 80 one tomorrow. The most annoying thing is figuring out where I am going to patch this into my Motu midi patch bay. Will have to spend some time rearranging things, so for now, I am just plugging straight into whatever device I am exploring on. Thanks for all your communication. I had SO much fun messing with the LXP 5 and your editor.


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I put up a small tweak (1.9). Apparently the delay times might use a different control ID when editing (versus in the patch dump).

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