Lexicon PCM 80, PCM 81

Give it a try and let me know. Requires a mk II Electra One w. 3.5 firmware.

PCM 80/81

More info in the preset description

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After hitting Sync, my mk II E1 w fw 3.5 shows PCM 81 1.00 and 42 algs - DualFX 1.0.
What are your plans for this preset?

Plans are to finish it of course. I just got so burned out coding that thing day after day using up all my free time that I needed a break.

Now that I know the dumps are being properly processed, and the fact that Martin have made some excellent tweaks/additions to the OS since I last visited it, my plan is to finish up the Pitch page (which needs work for sure), then test out the various combinations of PCM 80/81/OSes/cards to make sure it handles all them.

After that, I want to work on the patching page so that the destinations show up using the correct ranges and values and formatting like you see on the PCM display (i.e. instead of showing 0 to 560 it shows correct values for Low Rt or whatever).

Then there’s the whole patch saving section and any other odds and ends I forgot. However, I would appreciate it if people played with what is there and gave me feedback (email/PM is fine) about how useful it is, any wrong values/errors, etc.

As an aside - to “take a break” I started a preset for the tc D-Two delay and should have a working version of that up some time this week for folks to play with and comment.

Bottom line is that even though a basic editor seems sufficient, I really want to close the loop and make the preset as complete as possible so that users don’t have to jump back and forth between the Electra One and the hardware. HOWEVER, that sometimes would mean nothing gets published until much later. I’d rather release a working version that is (hopefully) helpful to some, get feedback, and work on it as I have time over the course of days/weeks/months.

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