Really basic questions

Hi there.

I’m just trying to figure out if an Electra One is going to work for me, I get that there are presets to download as long as they have been created but say I’ve got a bit of kit like an Akai XYZ or Korg XYZ that doesn’t have a preset yet or some other random bit of kit I’ve found in the loft, how do I tackle getting the Electra to work with it or know even if it will ever work?


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Totally new here myself, but it would probably help if you listed the equipment in question then the more knowledgeable members could chime in and give you their opinion… Although right now with a number of them at Superbooth there might be a delay with that… In general it is my understanding that if there is a software midi editor out there for that piece of kit it should theoretically be possible for a preset to be made… If that will get done by someone else or you will need to be seen… I have seen forum members
reach out to help a number of times if people got stuck and had questions on how to proceed…

Hope that helps.



Hi @stratblue,

as @eusti mentioned, there is an online editor to build presets. The amount of work always depends on the complexity of the synthesizer. Building a preset for a synth that uses CC, NRPN, or even messaging is rather straightforward and matter of MIDI learning stuff and drag and drop work. Adding the patch dump parsing, ie. reading the data from synthesiser can be done in the editor too, it that requires a bit of knowledge about how sysex and hex/binary numbers work.

I have seen quite some users who built many presets shortly after they received their controllers, but there were also a few people who found that challenging. I am of the Electra One team members, so my answer might be affected by knowing the device inside out :slight_smile:

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