Does anyone here have a Preset they can share for:

Does anyone here have a Preset for these they could share?
Behringer Deepmind 12D
E-mu Morpheus
E-mu Proteus 2000
Ensoniq DP/4+ (or DP/4)
Korg Wavestation A/D
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon PCM81 (or 80)
Matsushita/Technics WSA1 and/or WSA1R
Strymon BigSky
Strymon Mobius
Strymon TimeLine
TC Electronic TC 2290
Waldorf microWave XT
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha VL1 and/or VL1m
Any MIDI-fied eurorack modular

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Just shared:

  • Strymon BigSky (I haven’t use it for quite some time. If there were issues, let me know)

Work in progress:

  • microWave XT

On my TODO:

  • DP/4
  • Wavestation A/D
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I’m working on presets for Strymon Mobius and Timeline at the moment. Gotta look into Martins Big Sky presets and see if I can take some inspiration for the layout and features.


I have a pair of tc 2290’s. If you can track down the sysex for it, I’ll definitely work on that preset.


I just checked Martins Strymon BigSky preset and I’m doing it a bit different than he is. He’s spread out all the controls on 3 pages while I’m doing one page per algorithm. I think they will complement each other nicely. :slight_smile:


Have a TC binder with official docs, tho their tone in that binder regarding sysex is that it can be recorded from the TC2290 and more than that is essentially not said, except vague promises of computer software that never materialised. Found the following: which like much sysex documentation from back then (1989) is raw and esoteric. Will keep looking.

I can certainly work with that

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Would love to test whatever you have put together on these three (mW XT, DP/4, WS A/D)…

were you able to get anywhere with that doc (

Yes and no. The doc is easy to parse, but my first attempt at dumping a preset from my machine didn’t match the size given in the docs.

So, I set it aside. In parallel, my other 2290 decided to have power problems, so I have some Mouser parts here now and will be doing that repair this weekend.

Bottom line is that even though I want a 2290 preset myself, it’s taking a back seat to other things. Realistically, maybe I’ll be done with it by February.

Great. Be nice to understand any of what making a Preset, or even better an Instrument file, really entails, and whether such work is simply beyond my grasp. Or whether it can be learned by a person with 0 training in programming…

What I could do when I start is to open a new thread here and document the process I go through to take a machine+sysex spec and create a preset.

Being a programmer, I’m kind of biased towards using LUA (also because I hate editing JSON with all the extra quoting and stuff), but the tc 2290 is simple enough that I might be able to do both, just to show.

Note - I have a very limited time for any/all music stuff each week and in that small window I’m trying to fit:

  • hardware consulting on a new thing being developed,
  • beta testing another product,
  • doing hardware repairs on some of my gear,
  • going through a minor studio reconfig (mostly MIDI cabling), and
  • trying to finish up the Micron preset

So that’s why I said it would be a while before the 2290 preset came into being. Especially with 3 girls coming home from college next week and some family coming into town for the holidays. Oh, and a full-time job. lol


Heroic pursuits bring heroic rewards, or so I’ve heard…

Plus: your sketch of a demonstrative process for a TC2290 Preset sounds very valuable, looking forward to that when time is ripe!

Wavestation A/D would be very intresting! Right now I´m working on the presets for DX-7II and blofeld so it will take a while before I will start thinking about Wavestation.

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I’ve shared one for the Timeline