Limitations of external MIDI control?

I have connected LaunchControl XL to USB Host and I want to be able switching between pages with buttons and also controlling parameters of presets / sending CCs to other analog gear. Am I missing something or I’m can only switch pages on CTRL port or controlling stuff on Port 1,2, but not both at the same time??

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this sounds basically as the same topic as @jhh mentioned in his post. I will try to come up with some way to make it possible to have the external control on regular ports too.

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So does that mean you’re working on it? :slight_smile:

yup, the sysex calls for switching pages and presets are ready in the upcoming public release. I am still not sure about allowing the program change, note, cc messages on other than the USB CTRL port - it would require allocating a MIDI channel for the Electra control commands.

I am not sure, however, if LauchControl supports sysex. Do you happen to know, if the individual pads/knobs/faders (on the LaunchControl) can be assigned to different MIDI channels?

I just found out that unfortunately there is no sysex support for LaunchControl. This is all it can do:

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yeah, I took a look at that by myself and saw that. The good thing is that Electra can use Note / CC for handling page/preset switches. The only thing is that USB CTRL port is currently used to separate electra commands from normal MIDI traffic. I will try to add a configuration option that would allow Electra commands on a specific MIDI channel on port 1/2. That should resolve it.


I’m really grateful, thanks!