Load .syx files?

Hi everyone! I’ll receive my E1 mk2 tomorrow - so this question is a bit premature - but still…

It’s maybe not really cool to ‘steal’ from them - but Stereoping has all these .syx files you can download for their CE1 controller. I have a Bohm 4x9 fm synth that I’d really like to control with E1, and I can download the Bohm .syx file from their website.

Is there maybe any way to use this .syx file with the E1? It may be a quick way to get a preset for precisely this synth…

Thanks in advance!


Hi, welcome here!

It sounds a bit unfair to Stereoping :slight_smile: Has Stereoping made the format of their SysEx messages available? Is there a MIDI / Sysex implementation available Bohm 4x9? Do you happen to know?

Hi @martin thanks for your response! Yes - I know… maybe not fair towards the earning models for their hard work… but they do have the .syx files freely available on their website (in order to update the CE1 controller from their company, if you have one).

So that’s what I know: I can download these .syx files but of course I have no way (yet) to open them or view the content. I was wondering if the E1 (or the online editor) could use/read the .syx file contents in any way - as a sort of ‘shortcut’ towards an E1 sysex template for these synths.

But next to this potential shortcut, there is extensive sysex information available for this specific synth - all these columns with bitcodes/data for each parameter. So it’s well documented. It looks like abracadabra to me now, so I’m just not sure how long it would take me to create that preset myself, but i’m pretty determined to get the E1 to talk to this dinosaur! Just wondered if I could speed it up by ‘borrowing’ from the freely accessible Stereoping files (here)