Arturia V collection and sysex

Hi all, just remembered that I saw this video from Superbooth , where it appears that at least some of the Arturia V collection plugins are able to send sysex back to the controller - I realise that even IF such xml- knowledge would be available for those that could do something creative with this (count me out, I’m a noob in this context…) it is still another undertaking, since the E1 is by nature freely configurable…. Anyways, just thought I would mention it in case it could be useful :grinning:

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Any idea’s which ones?

Oh, I am out of my depth here, but it may be so, that the synths that originally did sysex can actually read it in the V collection version, so maybe the same ones can actually be persuaded (by the xml trickery I assume) to spit it out again? This is a rather long article, but it says that the Prophet VS-V understands the original Prophet VS sysex.

Did a quick search and found that DX7 V and SQ80 V can import the original’s sysex, and there are most likely more

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One thing is:

  • Patch compatibility: import original DX7 SysEx banks into DX7 V
    (this works nicely)

Another is to “understand” SysEx (which DX7 V does not)

DEXED does understand E1 the Yamaha DX-7 II preset Electra One App

MicroDexed should work also with E.1

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