Logging in Electra One web app not working after using Console app

Hi all,

If I use the E1 Console app, close it, and then open the E1 web app, nothing gets logged in Edit LUA Script → Log Viewer.

I suspect this is because the Console app enables logging on startup but turns it off again when it closes.

I’d like to see the Console app leave logging enabled if it was already enabled on startup. Failing that, could the web app send the required SysEx to enable it when you open the Log Viewer?


Don’t know about the console switching logging off, but here’s my 10 cents :slight_smile:
The logging on/off flag is persistent, so once you set it on in the E1 it should remain that way. I 'm not sure what a firmware update does with it though.

To enable it, I use Midi-Ox and send the appropiate SysEx from there into port 3. The sysex string is in the SysEx part of the documentation, just don’t forget to set the flag in the desired state.

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This is correct. The Electra One Console app does turn the logging on and off. I will make sure that the Log Viewer in the web app does the same.