Losing my work!?

Using Chrome on a Macbook Pro, FW v2.1.6. My preset has reverted back to 1/15/2022. All updates I’ve made to the preset past that date are now gone. There were quite a few hours put in and this feels like a big setback.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @mIIwaukee,

@mariankalus experienced similar issue. I am trying to find out what has happened. It does not seem to be general problem.

Please let me know what preset it was. Hopefully it will help to find out the cause. Do you work on one computer only or do you use the app.electra.one on multiple computers?

The preset storage actually saves snapshots of the preset when it is being changed as well I am running backups on regular bases. If I have the info about the preset, I should be able to recover that.

Hi @martin - I was working on a preset “Oberheim Cyclone” - it’s not published yet. Was working on one computer.

Wondering if it has anything to do with: Chrome / sleep / power cycling. Typically I put the laptop to sleep and then unplug the USB to the Electra. The longer I use the editor, the slower Chrome becomes, with quite a lag. I’ve restarted Chrome occasionally to resolve the slowdown and lost progress.

Interesting observation!

Also for me, the problem seems to occur most likely when Chrome is getting rather overwhelmed.
After a while of using the Editor, Chrome gets pretty sluggish. Also the fans of the computer start spanning more and more.

@martin let me know if you need any logs from Chrome or anything else that helps identifying that issue!


almost everyday I’m working on one of my presets.
However I sometimes notice the work is lost. Yesterday I spend an hour entering details on fx parameters in a table only the find out today it’s all lost. It still existed in the E1 but of course I have overwritten it before I saw part of the code is missing.
When I go look in the previous versions,nothing since the 3d of march seems to be preserved although I have made almost daily changes.


Is all of the work since then lost? Is there a way we can enforce the making of these revisions? Is there a way we could restore a revision as a clone?

And I do the same as @milwaukee: when finished with working I load the work as a preset in the E1, put the PC to sleep and disconnect the E1’s USB.

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@kris knobkraft could in the past send and receive presets from the Electra as sysex presets stored, but that was with an old firmware, so I don’t know if it still works. If it still works it would be an easy backup solution

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Well, for now I’m gonna change my habit in the evening, and first download the revised preset to be sure nothing’s lost. That’ll do the trick as well.

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I will put this on the first place in my todo list. I thought it was something occasional and related to specific version of browser(s). But it looks it is not. Maybe as a first quick fix, I will add a button to force saving of the preset.

The quick fix would indeed be very helpful, thanks Martin.

I know that in the past, if I make a lot of changes to the controls and to LUA code and if the LUA code has an error (syntax - usually a missing double-quote for me), then all of the work is thrown away. Basically if the LUA fails to parse/compile, it reverts back to the previously saved/good state. Ideally, I’d get some type of error message and be allowed to fix it, but simply saving what’s there, even if broken, would be good.


I lost hours of work few times. It’s demotivating a bit.
I am aware of the complexity to update the environment and data model but still.

Besides data lost I also had that the web app would just rename the parameter numbers breaking the patch parsing.

I think a better approach would be to run 2 environments and only migrate if all issues are mitigated. But again I do understand the Electra One is in development.

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That is actually a good idea.

I publish a preset when it already may have some use to someone somewhere (I’ve heard that phrase before…) but before it is completed. However any change I make is then published as well, which might lead to unstable presets for the community, hardly recommendable.
And using the cloning techniques is too much of an administrative burden.

A solution in the webeditor would be the distinction between ‘Revision’ / ‘Edition’ or ‘Minor’ vs ‘Major’ change.
By default all changes would be ‘minor’, implying that these changes do not get published , even if the preset itself has previously been made public.

The builder of the preset then chooses to make a major change which implies that the description must be different from the previous major change and the change is indeed published.

I can then publish something stable, work at ease on intermediary versions, and publish the next stable state again.

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Just an update on this one. I am working on it. Trying to reflect what has been said here. My idea is following:

  • the editor will display an information if the edited preset is successfully synced to the server. If the sync fails, user will be informed.
  • there will be a button to save the work. User will be able to attach a short description to the saved version (like a commit message in git)
  • user will be able to say, which saved revision is public. That will allow further work on the preset without affecting the publicly shared version.

This is kind of an alternative to what @NewIgnis proposed with the major/minor system. I do believe my idea would be easier to use.

I have implemented part of this in my development environment already. I am hoping to be able to release that some time next week. Before it goes public, will share it for testing on the beta version of the website.

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@NewIgnis please send me the Id / URL of the preset so that I can review that. Thanks!

Here you go